Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bugs Bugs Bugs


I happened to look out my kitchen window this afternoon and noticed all sorts of little bugs flying around.

They really ARE early this year, aren't they?!

I have been seeing spiders already too - although not 'round my house, of course.

It's rather odd being married to a pest control guy. Me I always used to just relocate spiders that wandered into my house. Now I never have any!

I like spiders - well, their webs, anyway. Not the ones that make the outside of your house look messy and dirty - but the ones that collect the dew and look SO beautiful in the sun.

'Course, I didn't used to live on the water, either - on waterfront properties the spiders DO make a heck of a mess... not the same thing at all.

ANYWAY.... as I was saying... I think? ... the critters are starting early this year... call us now to arrange your spider spray package.

(705)534-7863 .. or better yet, email us at

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