Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cottage Country - Let the season begin

So... how's the fishing where you are?

We're on Georgian Bay - Hog's Bay to be specific - and so far this season, Ross is off to a great start.

He was all over the place yesterday - worked at 10+ hour day solving people's carpenter ant problems and spraying homes & cottages for spiders....    Actually, the spray is not so much for the spiders as it is the webs, which can make an unsightly mess, especially if you happen to be anywhere near water, where the spiders most like to hang out.

He still managed to get in an hour or so of fishing though.  We've had no luck at all yet when we go out in the boat.... but fishing off the dock in the evening has been amazing this year!  I'm getting very good at cleaning pike - am even learning how to remove the y-bones thanks to youTube and practice.  So far I haven't managed to catch a single blessed one.... all I've caught is a big old ugly dog fish.... but Ross is making up for it.   Last night he caught what he says is probably his biggest bass ever.... had to put that one back though, since its too early for bass.   Right after that he landed a 29" pike though. Fish & chips for dinner - have to eat some so that we - well, really, he -  can go catch more :)

Got a cottage country pest problem?    We can't fish ALL the time - so drop us an email at ccpestcontrol@gmail.com or give us a call at 705-534-7863 and I'll be happy to send Ross off in your direction.

We cover a broad area - Tiny & Tay townships, Simcoe, Muskoka and beyond. We're also available at your convenience - weekend service available at no extra charge. And we do islands - your boat or ours.


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