Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weird Wasp Nest

The locations that wasps choose to build their nest varies from species to species. Some prefer to build nests in trees and shrubs while some prefer holes in the ground, spaces in walls and in spaces under homes, cottages or other buildings such as garages or sheds.

Sometimes however,wasps  can AND will build their nests in weird locations. Recently, Ross went on a wasp job where the wasps had built their nest in the pole of a basketball hoop! They had entered the pole through some holes in the pole and gone about building their nest.

Front of the pole. Look carefully and you can see the hole they use to enter and leave their nest.

Back of the pole. There is again a hole that they use to enter and leave their nest.
An after shot. Notice the white powder? This is one method used to deal with a wasp problem

It's really important that you take notice of an excessive amount of wasps. Chances are if you are noticing an excessive amount during the day, then there is likely a nest somewhere close by. If you (or someone in your family have allergies), then you have to be really careful around wasps and their nest. They can and usually will become aggressive if they, or their nest is disturbed so it's a good idea to call Cottage Country Pest Control at 705-534-7863 or email us if you suspect or if you know there is a nest around your home.

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