Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bed Bugs and Tenants

Today's post is another bed bug post, but this one is for anyone who rents their home. As a tenant, you may be required to take certain steps before a pest control company comes in to deal with a bed bug infestation.

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1. Wash all your bedding and any clothes or stuffed animals in the hottest water you can. Follow this with drying them for at least 1-2 hours. You should bag as much as you can afterwards to prevent them from becoming infested again.

2. Clean any unnecessary clutter and ensure that you provide access to all baseboards and keep the floors clear and move all furniture at least 2 feet away from the walls. This will make it easier for the pest control company to come in and do what they have to in order to solve your bed bug infestation.

3. Vacuum all crevices on your mattress/box spring, bed frame, baseboards, etc. Vacuum them daily and immediately empty the vacuum when your done.

4. When the pest control company comes to do their job they will likely give you additional instructions and steps that you will have to take to ensure that what they do will be effective.

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