Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bed Bugs and Public Places (continued)

Today's post will be the follow up the post on Monday "Bed Bugs and Public Places". So if you want to find out the last 5 major public places where bed bugs are a concern, then keep reading.

Quick recap:

1. Hospitals and Nursing Homes
2. Laundry Facilities
3. Retail Stores
4. Movie Theatres
5. Public Libraries

And now for the last five.

6. Public Transportation (planes, buses, trains)- If you've read our previous posts on bed bugs then this one shouldn't come as a huge surprise. Traveling can be a concern with the threat of bed bugs because they can live in the seats and such and you can get them that way. For more information about bed bugs and travel specifically (if you haven't already read it, check out our post on Bed Bugs and Travel).

7. Daycares, Schools and Colleges- When it comes to daycares and schools, kids are likely to share toys, cots, etc and unfortunately sometimes bed bugs. In regards to colleges the biggest concern is dorm living--students who live in dorms can spread bed bugs throughout the dorm through the laundry facilities, by sharing clothes or as discussed in the section on public libaries, we know that bed bugs can be transferred through books as well. Another concern is with visitors, who can pick up or drop of bed bugs in another dorm room and spread them that way. Finally, bed bugs can be brought home (or picked up by the student from their home) when they go home for visits.

8. Businesses and Offices- Bed bugs could be hiding in your office in the carpet or furniture. You may have clients, packages, and employees coming and going which can easily bring in bed bugs or you could pick them up at the office and bring them home.

9. Thrift stores and Yard Sales- The problem with these is that you have no real idea who brought them in and whether or not they brought along something extra. As we've already discussed bed bugs can be spread a number of ways (clothing, furniture, luggage, bedding, etc) so you really have to be careful when shopping at these places.

10. Places of Worship- Who would have thought right? Well unfortunately it does make sense as there is usually a large number of people in and out and it is possible to spread bed bugs in a church or other place of worship.

So that wraps this series up and while it can be a little nervewracking not knowing whether a place is safe or not, as long as you know what to look for in terms of finding signs of a bed bug infestation then you can hopefully catch anything sooner rather than later.

If you do have a problem with bed bugs or you think you might (or any other pests), give Cottage Country Pest Control a call today at 705-534-7863 or email us today.

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