Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bugs Bugs Bugs


I happened to look out my kitchen window this afternoon and noticed all sorts of little bugs flying around.

They really ARE early this year, aren't they?!

I have been seeing spiders already too - although not 'round my house, of course.

It's rather odd being married to a pest control guy. Me I always used to just relocate spiders that wandered into my house. Now I never have any!

I like spiders - well, their webs, anyway. Not the ones that make the outside of your house look messy and dirty - but the ones that collect the dew and look SO beautiful in the sun.

'Course, I didn't used to live on the water, either - on waterfront properties the spiders DO make a heck of a mess... not the same thing at all.

ANYWAY.... as I was saying... I think? ... the critters are starting early this year... call us now to arrange your spider spray package.

(705)534-7863 .. or better yet, email us at

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bats in the Belfry?

... or in the attic? Or anyplace else you don't want them?

If you had bats inside last year, now is the time to think about addressing the problem BEFORE the bats return from their winter get-aways. And they WILL come back - bats are territorial; once they have a good place to live, they will return to it as long as they are able.

It is much easier to prevent bats from getting in - redirecting them to well-placed, seasoned bat boxes - rather than having to evict them once they take up residence.

To arrange a site visit & estimate, give us a call at (705)534-7863 (Midland, Barrie, Honey Harbour, Muskoka.....) or (705)741-6245 (Peterborough/Kawarthas)

Services include bat removal and exclusion; guano clean up (+ deoderize & disinfect the area) - all with a one year guarantee.

We also provide seasoned bat boxes.