Why the heron? Heron are not pests, are they?

Of COURSE they are not!

We use the heron in our logo because we are an environmentally responsible company.

We live and work in cottage country, and we love our heron. It comes to fish at our waterfront almost every evening from spring to fall. That is 'our' heron in the picture; I took it myself (Lauralee).

Of course every pest control company says they are environmentally responsible - but the truth is that for some, that is pretty debatable at best.

Some of the not-so-environmentally responsbile things that happen quite regularly, and which Cottage Country Pest Control will NEVER EVER DO include:
  • spraying products on docks and marinas in such as way as to allow spray to enter Georgian Bay (our approach takes slightly longer, but we do not kill fish!). If you are a marina or waterfront owner using a company that sprays over/into the water, you should really thing about what you are doing. Not only does it kill fish, it is illegal!
  • using unlicenced and unsupervised workers. According to Ministry licencing guidelines, only licenced exterminators are to measure and mix products, and all unlicenced workers are to be directly supervised by licenced exterminators. Ross, who is a fully licenced & insured exterminator, attends every single call. He might bring an assistant - but he is there and takes full responsibility for solving your pest problem responsibly.
  • over use of products & treatments. Some companies recommend regular spider sprays or other treatments as often as once a month whether you need it or not. This is total contrary to the practices of Integrated Pest Management BECAUSE it is both unnecessary and potentially harmful to the environment (doesn't do much for your wallet, either!). We prefer to spray when needed, and follow up sprays are provided as appropriate for your particular situation. We also offer alternative methods of pest control AND Ross makes very sure that customers know what can be done to minimize pest problems - even if that means he does himself out of some income. We're okay with that - because cottage country - and the heron - are important to us.
Does your vehicle have your name on it?

Yes - sometimes. But the signs are magnetic, and can easily be removed if you prefer. Just let us know your preference and we are happy to oblige. And of course, you can be assured that your business will remain your business. We respect our customers - and their privacy.

What is your warranty?

That depends :)   There is no one size fits all warranty for pest control work. Some treatments - such as for bedbugs or carpenter ants, may take more than one visit to resolve - and we do not charge for those. For these sorts of jobs, the warranty is most often a year - although you should know that in the case of bedbugs, there is an onus on the customer to follow through on the tasks they are asked to do (such as laundry/removing infested items, etc as directed).

The length that a spider spray will last, however, varies (depending on how much sunlight it is exposed to, mostly) -  and these are not expected to last the season. If for some reason the initial spray doesn't seem to do the job (a rare occurence, but...) then Ross will return and re-do it.

It is always best to clarify the warranty when the work is contracted, so please do ask if you have concerns.

Got a question you would like to see added here? Drop us an email at ccpestcontrol@gmail.com .

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