Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rooming Houses & Rental Properties

In addition to solving home and cottage pest control problems, Cottage Country Pest Control is happy to help maintain your rental properties.

We own a house in Peterborough; while we spend most of our time in Victoria Harbour (it is ever so much prettier - and quieter!) ...we do also live at the Peterborough house part time. And we rent rooms.

If you have a rooming house or own rental properties, you will know all about all the ~fun & games~ that can go along with that. But at least we are fortunate to never have to worry about unwanted pests.

We spray each room as it is vacated; it is a quick and easy job to spray an empty room or apartment - and the spray has a residual effect. So we can be sure that our tenants are moving into a pest free room.

AND - if they happen to be bringing any nasties (such as bed bugs or roaches) with them, the residual effect means that they are unlikely to make it out of that room and into our other tenants' rooms - or worse, mine!!

If you have an apartment, rooming house, or other rental properties in Peterborough or Midland, we would be happy to solve any active infestations you might have, and/or to provide you with an estimate for regular tenant-transition sprays. Guaranteed to be a lot more cost-effective (and less aggravating) than waiting until you have a problem.

We also have products that can take care of any nasty smells - skunks, mold, smoke, and other assorted stinkers.

Email us at, or give us a call at (705)534-7863.