Friday, September 11, 2009

'Tis the Season

No, not THAT season - not quite yet, although it is coming faster than you think.

But now is a very good time to give a bit of thought to ensuring that you've done what is needed about pest control to prepare for winter.

Most importantly - deal with any bat issues!

Bats are great - outside - but inside, they can cause HUGE amounts of damage. Bat guano harbours mites and other parasites - and on top of that, it STINKS.

You do not want bats inside your home or cottage.

And this is the best time of year to get any bat issues taken care of.

Bats typically leave for winter nesting spots in fall - and once they are out, the process of clean up, and preventing their return - is much easier, and thus cheaper for you.

If you have bats in your belfry, or in your home, garage or cottage, now is a very good time to call Cottage Country Pest Control at (705)534-7863.

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