Saturday, May 1, 2010

How Many Sprays

Now that I am (pretty much) done school - for the time being - I have been manning the phones a fair bit.

Most frequent question, this week - after price, of course - is how many spider sprays are likely to be needed.

There is some variability in that. In normal years, anyway, "two or three" will often be enough to keep the spiders from taking up residence and ~decorating~ for you... this year, because of the mild winter and very early spring, it is more likely to be three, or even four.

Seasonal discounts are available; give us a call.

And really, don't wait. It is far preferable to treat before the spiders get well established and make a mess. You get better results.

Call us at (705)534-7863, or if you are in the Peterborough area, (705)742-6245.

Or you can always reach us by email:

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