Sunday, November 7, 2010

Above and Beyond Customer Service

Some people's children!

Today I am irked. Very very irked.

We noticed that there had been a problem with a job done for a customer who received service - at no additional charge for weekend work as always - yesterday. Rather than hide it, which we absolutely and easily could have done, Ross let the customer know about it as soon as he discovered it, apologized, and asked to return to fix it at the customer's convenience.

Do you know how many other pest control companies in this area would bother doing that? And on a Sunday, no less? Not a one.

Cottage Country Pest Control prides itself on providing responsible and reliable pest control services to our customers. And we would do exactly the same thing again, if the same sort of thing were to arise.

But I hope that - if it ever does happen again - the next time is with a customer that has some manners!

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