Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Least Chipmunk

Least Chipmunk
The least chipmunk is the smallest chipmunk in North America and is also the most widespread species in North America. They occur across North-Central and western United States and from British Columbia and Southern Yukon to across Central Canada through Ontario and into Western Quebec.

The least chipmunk is active during the day and they prefer to eat seeds, berried, nuts, fruit and insects. They also breed in the early spring and they produce one litter of usually 5-6 young. Like the eastern chipmunk, the least chipmunk also store their food in their underground burrow, which is where they spend the winter.

Just like the eastern chipmunk, the least chipmunks are cute but they can cause damage to homes and gardens. They will eat plants from gardens and they will also chew on cords such as cable lines, air conditioning pipes and elelectric lines. Another problem caused by chipmunks is them burrowing into the ground which can cause water to get in underneath the foundation of your home or deck. This can then lead to water leaking into your home directly.

Least Chipmunk
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