Monday, September 17, 2012

Pest control in the Fall

Fall is a great time to get your pest control done before the snow comes. There are many insects and bugs that will begin to diminish in numbers once the weather starts to get colder, however in many cases insects, bugs, rodents, etc will try to locate a warmer environment such as your home, cottage, garages and other buildings you may have on your property.

Fall is a good time to not only take steps to prevent pest infestations but to also take care of existing infestations. If you leave a pest problem over the winter (or for any extended period of time), it will be much worse to deal with and also more expensive.

Some helpful hints

  • close off & fill any holes found in your foundation, walls, ceilings, etc--rodents especially will look for holes they can use to enter your home or cottage
  • seal any food in airtight containers to prevent rodents and insects from being drawn to the food
  • turn water off completely at your cottage before leaving for an extended period of time as moisture can draw some insects in
  • consider bat proofing--like rodents they will look for holes in your roof or walls to enter your home and cottage, so by finding and filling those holes you can prevent bats from entering.
If you know you you have a pest problem or you want to take preventative measures heading into winter, give Cottage Country Pest Control a call at 705-534-7863 or email us today.

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