Friday, May 22, 2009

Cottage Country Web Site

Well... we're off & running!

We decided to start our new pest control business on Wednesday evening of this week. Now it is Friday and already we have
  • a name: Cottage Country Pest Control
  • a website Lots more to add to it - but the main page is done, and we've added one about spider control and another about managing bats. Lots more to come - geese, mice, bedbugs, roaches, bees, ants, etc. etc.... To begin with, CCPC will deal with any pests covered under Ontario's Structural Exterminator's License, and add services as we obtain additional licenses.
  • business cards
  • customers (only 2 - but, hey, it's a start)
  • equipment purchased and product on its way
  • and of course, this blog.

Hmmm...I suppose my next order of business should be to add a link to this blog from the website! Coming right up.

And then I think I might contact my favourite blog designer and set her to work for me again :) I needs me a badge at least - one for this blog and one for the website, I think.

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