Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hotel Bedbugs

Barb wrote:

Bedbugs freak me out. I have enough trouble sleeping in motels but the thought
of bedbugs would keep me up all night. What's a squeamish traveler to do??
You're in luck. Unlike some other nasties, bedbugs are relatively easy to see:

If you are travelling and concerned about bedbugs (and you should be, as they're very happy hitch-hikers) soon as you get into your hotel/motel room (or friends or family or wherever):

  1. leave your luggage by the door - away from the bed!

  2. completely strip the bed, (me, I would include any mattress cover as well) placing the bedding someplace other than where you've put your luggage

  3. carefully examine the mattress, paying particular attention to corners, seams, and in the cracks of any furniture

  4. bedbugs are large enough to see - and they also tend to leave dirt behind

  5. if you see any possible indications of either - exit stage left, get your money back and find someplace else to stay


  1. Urg. I'm not sure that really quelled the squeamish, but thanks for the answer! I'll definitely do that. And God help us all if I find any. I won't be "right" for weeks.

  2. they are pretty nasty looking critters...especially after a meal