Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cottages: Spiders & Mice

Cottage Country Pest Control can manage your mice/rodent problems
Judging by the search terms that are showing up both here and on the Cottage Country Pest Control website, the big issues in cottage country these days are spiders and mice.

They seem to be about tied for the number of searches.
This is a good time of year for spraying for spiders - by having your first spray done early, you get them under control BEFORE the start making hundreds or thousands of babies, and before their make your cottage LOOK messy by ~decorating~ it with their webs. All of which can mean that you will be more likely to only need 2 sprays rather than 3 to keep them under control all season.
If you wait until they've had time to procreate, you're more likely to need an extra spray. Why wait? The early bird gets the savings!

If you have specific questions, please do feel free to ask - either here in a comment, or via email. Or you can call Ross at (705)534-7863.

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