Monday, June 1, 2009

Why the heron?

A couple of people have asked why 'a pest control company' (you can imagine the tone and probably be pretty close) would choose to use a heron as a logo.

Do we consider them pests that we want to get rid of?

Of course not! The heron in the picture is OUR heron - it flies in to feed on our waterfront almost every evening. Unlike many of our neighbours, we leave a buffer zone between the lawn and the water ...which means we get the heron and they get the geese (and copious amounts of goose poop). We much prefer the heron.

Ross has been interested in environmental issues since long before going green became popular. He has spent a lot of time reading, researching, experimenting.... and yeah, when he was first offered a job working for a pest control company, he had some concerns about that.

But the thing is that when pest control is done properly, it does not have to be damaging to the environment. In fact, using a pest management company like Cottage Country Pest Control can be less damaging than the do it yourself approach.

Insects develop resistance to pest control products - repeated use of ineffective DIY products is a lot more likely to facilitate that than professional products applied by professionals.

The key, in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), is to use the least intensive product or technique that is available. A lot of pest control companies use the buzzwords - and it is highly unlikely you would find one, these days, that doesn't claim to be "environmentally responsible".

Truth is though, that for many of them, that means they'll tell you that the product they use is safe because it is "made from chrysanthemums", spray, and be on their way.

For Ross, that's just not good enough. When there are nonchemical approaches that can be used to minimize pest infestations, he will happily recommend those.

He's working, right now, for example, on developing good strategies for convincing geese to go elsewhere - no chemicals involved at all. He is also specializing in bat management, because that is another area where he can make a difference without chemicals.

Of course there are times when spraying is the best line of action - spiders like to be near water, for example, and to control them generally means spraying. But he will NOT allow spray to end up in the lake/river (unlike some companies I could mention). And he will NOT spray if there are other alternatives, nor will he sell you on 5 sprays per season when 2 or 3 will do.

Well established infestations of critters like roaches, fleas and bed bugs often require spraying to
get them under control - and Cottage Country Pest Control will provide those services. But then we'll also let you know what you can do to avoid further problems.

Why use our heron as the logo for Cottage Country Pest Control?

Because we love living on Georgian Bay.

We love our heron.

And we are committed to managing our business - and your pest problems - so that the heron will be around for many years to come.

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