Friday, July 3, 2009

Carpenter Ants

We are getting quite a few calls about carpenter ants ... they seem to be really liking the weather conditions this year.

Carpenter ants tend to be bigger than the more common ants we find in and around our homes and cottages. They do not all look the same, as they have different characteristics depending on their role in the ant colony.

While carpenter ants don't actually eat wood, they do bore through it to make their tunnels, and leave sawdust in their wake.

Treatment for carpenter ant infestation includes locating and treating the nest, spraying and baiting all areas and perimeters, and the application of insecticide dust where needed. Follow up applications are often required.

Cottage Country Pest Control provides extermination services for carpenter ants. As always, the earlier you intervene, the better - it costs less to treat when the infestation is caught early - and, of course, there will be less damage done to the wood in your home or cottage.

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