Monday, July 6, 2009

Got Geese?

Goose mom with her babies out in the water where they belong
We don't...but many of our neighbours do.

Geese can make a real mess of your lawn and docks. Ross has spent a lot of time working on ways to manage waterfront properties to keep the goose poop to a minimum.

The solution is generally multi-faceted - in most cases, landscaping is the biggest issue - but there are other options as well.

In addition to advising you on how to manage your goose visitors - or better yet, dissuade them from even bothering to stop by - he also has all of the equipment needed to completely clean & disinfect your docks, lawns & walkways.

Need a clean up before a special event? Give Cottage Country Pest Control a call at (705)534-7863.

Want to stop the geese from using your property as their toilet? Call him for that, too.

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