Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More about spider sprays

Wow. That was weird. Had a phone call today about doing a spider spray - but apparently the person did not like the length of the guarantee.

Spraying for spiders is very effective, my friends - but it does not get rid of any existing webs, and it doesn't last forever.

We can't even - really - tell you how long it IS going to last; that depends on a whole bunch of weather conditions that we have no control over. Rain isn't a problem - but the sun does, over time, break down the product and reduce its residual effect.

That would be why most homes & cottages - especially those near water - need two, or even three, sprays each season.

Cottage Country Pest Control schedules these at your convenience and in order to reduce the number of treatments you'll require wherever possible. We are not interested in over-spraying or in selling you services you don't need; we are here to solve your pest problems for you.

So - if the spider webs are getting to you, the first step is to give us a call, or send us an email and set up your spray. And then, if you like, take a broom to any existing webs before we get there. We'll come and spray, which will prevent spiders from taking up residence for about 6 weeks (depending, as I said, on the sun).

When they start to come back, you let us know and we'll come back and do it again - and we'll give you a discount, too.

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  1. We are based over in the UK and I was just wondering what species of spiders you commonly spray for. Are these venomous spiders?

    Luckily enough we have very few poisonous species of animals in the UK, and certainly no native venomous spiders!!

    I assume you do a surface spray with a residual insecticide?