Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bed Bugs in the news

We have been very interested in the articles about bed bugs in the Toronto Star this weekend... in part because we have had a very busy week for bed bugs.

Not in seedy, low cost, or dirty housing. In fact, none of our recent bed bug jobs have been in the sort of places you might think would have them.

Bed bugs happen - unfortunately - to all sorts of people in all sorts of living situations. They are, of course, tougher to deal with for people without resources. It is easy to say that you need to wash and dry everything in your apartment or house at the highest possible temperature, or get it all dry cleaned - but there are costs to that, and those without resources don't have what they need to deal with them as thoroughly or as appropriately as others.

Anyway ... am getting off topic. THIS blog was meant to point towards some of the articles I came across in my travels today:

If you have bed bugs in your home, or think you do, please do call or email Cottage Country Pest Control (705)534-7863, or in Peterborough, (705)741-6245.

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