Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Heron

Apparently some people just don't get the heron as logo thing.

We are having a video made for one of our online listings; first attempt was just sent to us for approval. Uh ..... NO!!!! No, no, no!

They included our lovely heron right where the narrator says "...and other pests"


C.C. hanging out at our dock

We chose the heron because we love them. We have one that hangs out right at the edge of our waterfront - and when we are taking care of your pest problems we are always aware of the need not to do anything that puts our heron - and our environment - at risk.

We care about our environment.

Some pest control companies talk the talk - but that is all it is - talk. They do things like use more product than is required, or worse, spray it over open water.

Cottage Country Pest Control will not do these sorts of things. We will solve your pest problems - but we will do it in such a way as to preserve the things that we love about cottage country.

Give us a call at (705)534-7863 or Peterborough (705)741-6245, or email us to arrange your pest solutions.

We care about our environment....and we take care.

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