Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spider & Sprays: A Revisit

Like yesterday's revisit on carpenter ants, today's post will be a quick revisit of spiders and spider sprays.
Click here to read the last post we did on spiders and spider sprays. Like mentioned before spiders are not actually insects, but instead are classified as arachnids. There are a number of different species of spiders found in Canada such as house spiders, wolf spiders, cellar spiders and fishing spiders.
It is also possible, but very rare to see black widow spiders or brown recluse in Ontario.
Spiders prefer dark areas so will most often be found in the corners of rooms, in closets, dark cracks and crevices, basements, garages, gardens, etc. Yes spiders can be creepy, but they are definitely beneficial to the environment because they will eat other insects and even other spiders.
When laying eggs, the females will lay them in egg sacs with each sac carrying up to several hundred eggs.
Controlling the spider population in and around your home is "easily" done by reducing the number of insects in and around your home. Using IPM is the best way to effectively control spiders (and other pests).
If you have any questions or concerns Call Cottage Country Pest Control at (705)534-7864 or email us at to book an appointment--and remember - it's almost always better and CHEAPER to deal with pest control problems when they are small.

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