Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why Wait?

Have been hearing that some of the bigger pest control companies that come up to this area are now booking well into June....

Cottage Country Pest Control is happy to help you with your pest problems when you have them - and when it is convenient for you. This week, Ross has been working until 7 pm or later pretty much every day (poor guy drops off his helper and comes home thinking he's going fishing only to be packed off again) ... but people's problems are being solved quickly and efficiently.

We're doing a lot of spider sprays right now, but also seeing a higher than usual incidence of carpenter ants in Balm Beach (as usual) but now also in Victoria Harbour, Port McNicoll, Wyvale and .... well, basically, all over cottage country.  Lots of winged colonies on the prowl looking for new homes, too.

If you have a pest problem - or if you aren't sure but think you might have - drop us an email, or call us at 705-534-7863. The pike will thank you.

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