Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY Pest Control vs Hiring a Professional

Effective pest control requires a person to have the knowledge about a pest, their habits, life cycle, etc. More often than not a person who hasn't trained and isn't licensed as a pest control operator will not know all this information. To properly treat a pest problem you really have to be able to identify a pest properly. For example, say you live in Ontario and you  have an infestation of cockroaches in your home. You know they are cockroaches, but are they German roaches, Oriental roaches, American roaches or Brown-Banded roaches?

Knowing which species you are dealing with is important, so you can use the right treatment options. However, pest treatments you can purchase as a consumer are not necessarily going to work to solve the whole problem. A lot of them may not be strong enough to solve your pest problem effectively and many  may not work on every type of a specific species. Additionally pest control operators have access to treatments that are stronger and can be safer for use around people and pets and can last longer than a store bought treatment.

Finally pest control operators have more training and are licensed (or should be licensed) which means that they will know the treatments that will work on your pest problem and also the safest way to apply the treatment.

Hiring a pest control company can seem like a major investment and it definitely can be. But in the long run it can be cheaper to hire a pest control operator to come in when the pest problem is relatively small than to either attempt to solve the problem yourself (which could take multiple tries) or wait before contacting a pest control company. Waiting can lead to the problem becoming bigger and therefore more difficult to eradicate.

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