Thursday, October 25, 2012

Landlords and Tenants: Who is Responsible for Pest Control Costs?

When you are a tenant who is entering into a new rental agreement or lease, you should do some research into local laws about who is responsible for any costs when it comes to pest control. You should also discuss the matter with the landlord prior to their being any pest problems and if there is not any mention of pest control in the agreement or lease you should request that there be something put in.

It is fairly standard across Ontario that landlords are responsible for ensuring that the rental space is inhabitable and pest control falls into this category. This means that generally speaking if there is a pest problem in a rental space the landlord will be the one responsible for the costs associated with bringing in a pest control operator and the costs of treatment.

However, the tenant will also have some responsibilities when it comes to pest control. As the tenant, you will be required to follow any aftercare instructions given after treatment and you will also have to take the steps needed to attempt to prevent any further pest problems. Failure to do so, means that in most cases the landlord will be legally allowed to raise the cost of rent in order to compensate for any excessive pest control costs.

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